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Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide
by J. E. Sherry

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The Improved Clinch Knot is has become one of the most popular knots for tying terminal tackle connections. It is quick and easy to tie and is strong and reliable. The knot can be difficult to tie in lines in excess of 30 lb test. Five+ turns around the standing line is generally recommended, four can be used in heavy line. This not is not recommended with braided lines. 
The Uni Knot is a good alternative to the Improved Clinch. It is very reliable and very easy to tie. This is a good knot when it is getting dark or if your eye sight is less than perfect! This knot forms a loop anywhere on a line. Hooks or other tackle can then be attached to the loop.
The Surgeon's End Loop forms a loop at the end of a line. This provides a means to quickly attach leaders and other tackle. This end loop is very easy to tie and very reliable, but it is slightly more bulky than the Perfection Loop. This neat and compact knot forms a loop at the end of a line. It can be tied to result in a very small loop.
One of the quickest and strongest knots for joining leader material to line with unequal diameters. Some people get confused when looking at drawings of this simple knot because the drawings do not show the full leader length. Just remember to pass the end of the line and the whole leader through the loop twice. The best knot for joining together two fishing lines of approximately the same diameter. This knot can be used with braided lines. If you find the Blood Knot cumbersome to tie, try the Double Uni - it doesn't get any easier than this!
The Nail Knot is a popular and time tested knot to join fly line to leader. Use of a hollow tube instead of a nail makes for easier tying. Use this knot to join sections of leader or line together. It works best with lines of approximately equal diameter.

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